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There is more than one bottleneck in NGS

The blog on NGS perspectives published recently a great survey (sponsered by QIAGEN) about the biggest bottlenecks researchers face by using the NGS technology. 26% of the 924 participants voted for the complexity of the data analysis. And from my point of view the challenge with data analysis has just begun. Because the sequencers out there produce more and more data in a single run. So high-end software solutions are a prerequisite for further usage of these machines.

What is the primary sequencing work done in your lab?



Also interesting: one of the questions from the survey asked about the applications that everyone runs with the NGS-instruments. The answers show that more and more scientists use NGS for dedicated purposes, like to know more about the expressed genes in a sample or about the mutations and existence of specific genes or gene panels.



Visit NGS Perspectives to view or download the complete survey.