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GS FLX+ Sequencing Successfully Established

Being the first service provider in Germany having our GS FLX sequencers updated to GS FLX+ technology, we have meanwhile successfully established the sequencing of shotgun, long paired end (LPE) and cDNA libraries with GS FLX+. The FLX+ business is fully integrated in the daily routine of our production team and we like to share our experiences on run performance with you:

Of course the read length differs in dependence on the organism to be sequenced, but average read length of 600-700 bp has been proven to be a realistic value for sequencing of shotgun libraries so far. Also the announced yield of at least 1 million reads per full run could be confirmed in practice: All shotgun runs performed so far surpassed this specification.

When sequencing a shotgun library, data output per segment therefore almost doubled, making the Roche 454 sequencing more attractive again. Sanger-like read length are of very high value for any de novo sequencing approach whether for a genome or a transcriptome project.

When you are interested in our FLX+ sequencing service we invite you have a look at our current special GS FLX+ offers.