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RAD-Seq Expert Blogger: Welcome Rick Nipper

Dear reader,

As a new author here at the NGS Expert Blog, I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself, company and the cutting-edge genomics technology my team specializes in.

My name is Rick Nipper and I am the President of a company called Floragenex. You can learn a bit more about my scientific background on LinkedIn.

rad-seqOver the past 5 years, I’ve worked with the dedicated group at Floragenex to provide genomic services around a new and innovative technology called RAD Sequencing (RAD-Seq).

What is RAD-Seq? RAD stands for Restriction site Associated DNA Sequencing. At it’s core, RAD-Seq is a genomic sequencing strategy. The concept combines a unique library prep protocol with Illumina NGS, to sequence anywhere from 0.1 to 10% of a selected genome. This “complexity reduction” approach to sequencing a genome offers significant advantages compared to other common NGS approaches:

  1. Dynamic. RAD-Seq provides the ability to examine thousands to tens of thousands of genetic loci simultaneously across a genome, depending on your research need.
  2.  Flexible: RAD-Seq has been used as an effective tool across a variety of molecular studies across genetic marker identification, population genetics, linkage mapping, phylogenetics and genome selection
  3.  Speed: RAD-Seq can offer significant time-savings compared to alternative methods.
  4.  Bioinformatics: RAD-Seq projects usually require less next-gen sequencing than other approaches, leading to faster and more streamlined analysis.
  5.  Cost:  Because RAD-Seq is designed to examine a smaller fraction of a genome, it is an economical and cost-effective method for next-gen sequencing of hundreds of samples.

Want to know a bit more about RAD-Seq and how it is being used? There are over 70 publications showcasing the use of the technology. Here are a few I’ve personally been involved in over the years:

Drop me a line if you have any questions about these publications. In the next few months, I’ll continue to post here, highlighting interesting uses of RAD-Seq in the literature, how the technology can help drive research and talking more about some publications in which we’ve been involved.

Rick Nipper
President, Floragenex