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High-Throughput Sequencing Machines By Platform

The High-Throughput Sequencing map by James Hadfield (Cancer Research UK, Cambridge) gives us a very interesting overview about sequencing activities around the world. We ran a survey to find out if your favourite machines correspond with the platforms listed by James in his overview.

Here are the results: Your personal favourites are nearly a perfect match with platforms in the genome centers worldwide. Great match!



Survival Of The Fittest – NGS Library Prep Methods

276_7698_RT8-Vorschau30 years of PCR in various applications has revolutionised molecular biology. But PCR also has its drawbacks. One of them is the amplification of AT- or GC-rich DNA fragments. Naturally, researchers are often interested in sequencing and studying genomes with high GC or high AT content, like S. aureus with a AT content of 67% or Streptomyces coelicolor with a GC content of 72%.
But more and more NGS kit providers try to circumvent PCR in the library prep. Ashley Yeager has summarised the current status of PCR-free library preps including a comprehensive overview of the pro’s and con’s of both methods (BioTechniques).

Summarising the findings from Mrs. Yeager there is no clear champion in sight:

Library prep by using PCR methods
+ well-known lab procedure & good sequencing efficiency
– difficulties in amplifying GC- / AT-rich regions -> sequencing is biased

PCR-free library prep

+ good sequence read distribution & a more even genome coverage
– huge amounts of starting material needed & sequencing reaction is less efficient

Read the complete article under BioTechniques.