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High-Throughput Sequencing Machines By Platform

The High-Throughput Sequencing map by James Hadfield (Cancer Research UK, Cambridge) gives us a very interesting overview about sequencing activities around the world. We ran a survey to find out if your favourite machines correspond with the platforms listed by James in his overview.

Here are the results: Your personal favourites are nearly a perfect match with platforms in the genome centers worldwide. Great match!



The Galaxy of the Genomics Virtual Lab

The Genomics Virtual Lab (GVL) project – using the computing resources from the NeCTAR Research Cloud – is an Australian Government project conducted as part of the “Super Science” initiative. It is developing infrastructure supporting genome informatics research.

Their Galaxy-based NGS and HTS tutorials are really excellent:

You will love the precise explanations, the hands-on demonstration and the additional material like screenshots and in-depth information!

High-Throughput Sequencers Around The World

Discover 2270 high-throughput sequencing machines in 830 centres at http://www.omicsmaps.com/. Select according to a specific platform or search for a facility or a region of your interest. Relevant statistics are also available at http://www.omicsmaps.com/stats.

No matter if you are a commercial service provider, a researcher or a device manufacturer, you will love the map!