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Product Launches 2011: The MiSeq at the Pole Position

Dear Blog Reader,

In our last NGS poll we asked you about your opinion, which of the product launches from 2011 would have the most impact on your research. We are delighted that more than 50 NGS blog readers gave us their vote.

More than half of you rated the launch of the benchtop sequencer MiSeq as the most important event in 2011. 15% voted for the Roche GS FLX+ technology and 15% voted for the increased data output with Illumina chemistry v3.0. PacBio RS sequencing and the new exomes on the market have the least importance for you (10% and 8%, respectively).

I also see the MiSeq benchtop sequencer as a door opener for many groups towards inhouse access to Illumina sequencing data. The investment for the technology is considerably lower than for the Illumina HiSeq 2000 or HiSeq 2500 and when having not too many projects the higher consumable cost per basepair may be acceptable. Furthermore the MiSeq stands out by its short run time of only several hours.

For a Service Provider using several Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencer the MiSeq is very interesting, too. It can be used for resequencing and scaffolding of small genomes, for quality control of sequencing libraries and especially for developping new protocols and services.

Did you perform already first sequencing runs on the MiSeq and for what kind of projects do you think is the sequencer most suitable for? I am very much looking forward to hearing about your experiences.