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PacBio Forecast 2015

As already predicted, it is not only Illumina who communicates innovations for their NGS portfolio. Here you can read about the implementations Pacific Biosciences plans this this. I think the good news for many users of PacBio machines is, that they do not talk about new instruments, but improvments that affect already installed machines (GenomeWeb): […]

PacBio launches new chemistry and software

In a press release Pacific Biosciences announced the latest enhancement for the PacBio RS II single molecule DNA sequencer. The latest release of the polymerase 6 and chemistry 4 (P6 – C4) version in combination with improved software enhances the performance and output of the platform by 45%. The average read length is now 10,000 […]

First Oxford Nanopore MinIon data available: Is this the end of PacBio?

Researchers from the University of Birmingham in the UK last week publicly released data they generated with Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ MinIon nanopore sequencer, the first group to do so since the company started its early access program this spring (see In Sequence report). The sequence is derived from a Pseudomonas aeruginosa genome and is a […]

Improvement of PacBio ZMW loading procedure by DNA Origami?

Since the launch of the PacBio system in 2011, there has been a constant development and improvement of the methods involved (e.g. former posts here). However, efficient loading of the Zero-Mode Waveguides (ZMWs) with polymerase molecules still remains a challenge. The ZMWs are tiny wells in which the actual sequencing reactions take place. Each SMRT […]

PacBio Sequencing Without Library Preparation

Researchers of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have reported DNA sequencing on the PacBio RS sequencer without prior library preparation. As described in an article in BioTechniques last month, the method has so far been applied for sequencing single- and double-stranded viral genomes, bacterial plasmids, plasmid vector models for DNA modification analysis, as well as […]

Further Improvements of PacBio Technology

Recently, we have reported on the Studies of the Broad Institute, showing that the PacBio RS system was able to outdo MiSeq sequencing regarding validation of SNP analysis. Now Pacific Biosciences have taken another important step to further improve their product. Pacific Biosciences have now launched a new Sample Loading Device for the PacBio RS, […]

PacBio RS Data to Validate SNPs Called from Illumina Sequencing?

Would you have thought that PacBio RS sequences with about 15% single read error rate can outdo MiSeq reads in validation of the variants called by WGS or Exome Sequencing? Personally, I wouldn’t have thought so. But the study of the Broad Institute published a few days ago clearly shows that they can. Variants called within projects […]

Will PacBio RS Sequencing Enter Your Research the Next Year?

The poll did run for 1.5 months. 32 readers did submit their votes. 41% will stick to “classical” technologies for the near future. 22% have no idea yet. 19% are planning to buy the PacBio RS sequencer. Just cklick the image to see all results.

Future of Strobe Sequencing with PacBio RS

Strobe sequencing is one of the three sequencing protocols of the PacBio RS that researchers have been waiting for some time. By switching the data acquisition on and off, the machine sequences stretches of DNA in bursts. On periods generate the so called strobe subreads while off periods determine the distance between individual subreads. The […]

Highlights: Advances in Genome Biology and Technology 2015 (AGBT)

Last week the 16th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting was held in Florida (USA). The meeting is important to the genomics research community because it provides an dialog forum for the latest advances in DNA sequencing technologies, experimental and analytical approaches for genomic studies and their myriad applications. The 2015 meeting […]