Big Data Pentetrates the Pharma Industry

big-dataEveryone is talking about big data. Many IT companies put their focus on analyzing tons of information. Also the pharmaceutical industry collects very large data volume during their drug research, discovery and above all during the clinical phases.

This article from addresses the big data analysis demands of the pharma industry in a very interesting way. Therefore, I encourage everyone to read the article.

Visit “Leveraging big data to solve Pharma’s hard to cure problems”

Katrin Mansperger

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3 Responses to “Big Data Pentetrates the Pharma Industry”

  1. The big data has changed both our lives and research. One example is connection of human genome sequencing and apps( which promoted by illumina), all the evidences show that it is a trend big data will totally change our research someday. By the way, nice article. Thanks for your sharing.

  2. Thanks for recommending the article. I’ll go ahead and read.

  3. Very interesting information. The expression analytics and proteomics would fill in the data in the next few years in “HUGE” proportion. Certainly will change the thinking in biology.!!!!!!!

    Great article!!!!