Nanopore MinION to be tested and evaluated in Sweden

There are many researchers and service providers who are talking about the MinION from Nanopore on a regular basis. Great things are expected from this innovative sequencing technology.

As previously mentioned, Oxford Nanopore has shipped some MinIon devices to early access users to receive some more data. As one of the few laboratories in Scandinavia, the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has been chosen to test one of the latest sequencing technologies from Oxford Nanopore. By the size of the sequencer it is possible to bring the sequencer in the field.

Previously the department has tested leading NGS technologies in research related to the genes involved in the immune system of horses. Now the Nanopore technology will be used, compared and evaluated against the existing well-proven sequencing technologies.

I guess it is just to wait and see what the MinION will bring, if it will come up to expectations or not.

Joel Jonasson

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Joel is watching the NGS market in Sweden. He is very interested in the research that NGS technology supports.

2 Responses to “Nanopore MinION to be tested and evaluated in Sweden”

  1. I will also do some Minion sequencing in Sweden so I am looking forward to hear about your experience later.

  2. Joel Jonasson

    Dear Andreas,
    Thank you for sharing the information that you also will test the Nanopore in near future. I guess you are also one of the early access users.
    To have the opportunity to test new technologies in an early state shows that research performed in Sweden is interesting in a world-wide perspective. It is cutting edge science being performed in Sweden and researchers who get the opportunity to test and evaluate the MinION should be proud to be in the forefront and making benefit from the latest developments.
    I hope you also will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about the technology once you have tested the sequencing platform here on the blog.
    I will also try to keep up to date with what is going on regarding the developments of the MinION and post it in this blog.
    Best regards