RAD-Seq Publications in 2013

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As 2013 draws to a close, I wanted to take a few minutes and bring you a some interesting statistics on current trends in RAD sequencing publications and highlight the increasing use of this technology in genomics research.

2013 RAD-Seq Publications in Review

Through November 2013, there have been 45 peer-reviewed scientific papers featuring RAD-Seq as a major component of the published work. This value represents a 135% increase from the number of manuscripts published in 2012 and a 400% increase over the last two years.

RAD continues to be used extensively across a broad spectrum of genetic systems to answer fundamental questions in biology. This year, approximately 70% of the published work focused on applications of RAD-Seq in animal systems, while plant genomics efforts comprise roughly a quarter of the published scientific activity.

Finally, here are the three most-cited Rad-Seq Papers from 2013 (as reported by Google Scholar)

  • Sturgeon conservation genomics: SNP discovery and validation using RAD sequencing.
    Ogden R, Gharbi K, Mugue N, Martinsohn J, Senn H, Davey JW, Pourkazemi M,
    McEwing R, Eland C, Vidotto M, Sergeev A, Congiu L.  Mol Ecol. 2013
  • Genomic patterns of introgression in rainbow and westslope cutthroat trout
    illuminated by overlapping paired-end RAD sequencing. Hohenlohe PA, Day MD, Amish SJ, Miller MR, Kamps-Hughes N, Boyer MC, Muhlfeld CC, Allendorf FW, Johnson EA, Luikart G.  Mol Ecol.
    2013 Jun;22(11):3002-13.
  • Mapping phenotypic, expression and transmission ratio distortion QTL using RAD markers in the Lake Whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis). Gagnaire PA, Normandeau E, Pavey SA, Bernatchez L. . Mol Ecol.
    2013 Jun;22(11):3036-48.

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