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The last time I wrote about acquisitions is a while ago. But that does not mean that nothing happened – yet the opposite is the case: the NGS business is so dynamic that I am not sure which news are already outdated one day later.

But now it might be time to have all news comprised in this blog to at least list the lastest mergers, acquistions and rumours in the field of NGS:


1. QIAGEN acquired Ingenuity for $105M

QIAGEN one of the market leaders in Sample & Assay Technologies now builds up a branch in Next Generation Sequencing. The 1st step was the acquisition of Intelligent Bio-Systems in 2012. The expected launch of the upcoming sequencing device is scheduled for mid 2013. The acquisition of Ingenuity now seems to be last piece of the jigsaw for a complete NGS workflow from sample preparation to complete data analysis (see PR QIAGEN). From my point of view I am really confident regarding the sample preparation and the data analysis. But some doubts remain in respect to the NGS device – at least I have never heard about it before….

1. Life Tech – in great demand

Just two days ago an article in GenomeWeb revealed that two other bidders for Life Tech were Roche and Sigma-Aldrich. The rumours I heard so far only said, that Roche was interested in IonTorrent to push their own NGS business. According to the respective GenomeWeb article the Thermo – Life deal is anticipated to be completed in early 2014.

3. Roche – expanding or downsizing?

But although some rumours say that Roche is still interested in IonTorrent it might also be that they will shift their focus. Especially since Roche has downsized their effort in Applied Science business. According to the announcement Roche will integrate these products with other units and they also stopped the collaboration with DNAe to develop a semiconductor sequencing platform. Maybe because a new development might take too long. Maybe because the deal for IonTorrent is under way…

And while writing the summary I remembered again why these updates are so difficult to phrase: I don’t get rid of the feeling that something new, something more interesting is already close to publication.

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