IonTorrent Upgrade

Just some days ago we discussed the dynamics in NGS and here we are with some news. Life Technologies Corporation announced that the new software v3.0 for the IonTorrent PGM consistently delivers 99.9% consensus accuracy for both short and long homopolymer regions and increases the frequency of correctly called insertions, deletions and homopolymer sequences by two-fold (Press Release LIFE).

In addition to the read accuracy also the read length increased with the launch of the new kit to 400 bp. The aim of the company is to improve their system further for microbial applications (PR LIFE).

But not only improvements in bacterial identification is on the priority list for LIFE’s RnD team but also more innovations in the area of diagnostics. A new AmpliSeq(TM) sample ID panel will increase the confidence during data analysis and a new kit is soon to be launched (PR LIFE).

I think from a customer’s perspective it is a good idea to further improve the technology in several areas since there could be some cross-linking innovations. But it also bears the risk that some competitors, focussing on a specific application, will adapt their system more quickly. But of course these are only speculations. So what is your opinion?


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