What is Optical Mapping?

Whole Genome Mapping (WGM) using the OpGen Argus technology delivers high resolution, ordered whole genome restriction maps from single DNA molecules. To receive such a restriction map it is crucial to isolate long DNA fragments (200 kb in size and longer) and to capture the DNA on a solid phase. Afterwards the DNA is digested revealing restriction cleavage sites as gaps when using a fluorescence microscope to visualize the DNA. This optical map will then be converted into digital data, the so called “single molecule restriction maps” (see video below). The software MapSolver enables the following analysis options (see details in the analysis video):

  • Perform Genome Comparisons
  • Identify Motifs, Annotate Features, and view in silico sequence data
  • Perform Sequence Placement
  • Create Similarity Clusters

 Video about step 3: How to scan and assemble single molecule restriction maps (SMRM)

Recently we gained access to this innovative technology and are able to combine our Next Generation Sequencing Service with the WGM technology. The combination of NGS and WGM can be used to order the contigs from a next generation sequencing project against the optical map scaffold. This method is able to highly improve sequencing assemblies. If you are interested in a combined or stand-alone project for WGM, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to discuss WGM in detail with you.

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