Survey result: What do you think about Nanopore sequencing?

Earlier this year Oxford Nanopore Technologies presented their solution for Next Generation Sequencing: the MinIon & GridIon instruments outranges the current available techniques like Illumina or Roche systems by read length, hands on time and pricing. But since the technology is not launched yet, we don’t know if these specs are realistic.

This is why we asked you about your opinion in our latest poll (Nanopore sequencing from Oxford Nanopore Technologies sounds really fascinating. What is your opinion regarding this technology?). More than 50 voters took part in this survey and 42% share my opinon: “I prefer to wait and check out the real system before judging it”.

“Paper doesn’t blush” is what 15% think of this announcement – like every other company the first presentation needs to be spectacular, but let’s see what happens when the instrument is really on the market.

And still some of you are convinced that this will change a lot in the NGS market – and I agree it would be great if it turns out to be true.

Some of you haven’t heard about this technology – so if you are interested to learn more about it you might start by reading our recent blog post about it.

Thanks again to all you participated in our voting and please have a look at our new poll.

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