Archive | May 3, 2012

Spring Special – Amplicon Sequencing

  • Would you like to detect variances down to a frequency of 0.1% in your PCR sample?
  • Are you interested in a short turn around time?
  • You need primers for your amplicons?


Amplicon sequencing is still under discussion. Which technology is most suitable? In one of our latest blog posts we discussed this issue as well. For this years spring special we therefore decided to create a new NGS Favourite – a one stop solution for Amplicon sequencing. By sequencing your amplicons on the GS Junior we will be able to deliver the data in a short turnaround time while you will still profit from the long reads the FLX chemistry provides. Furthermore you will get comprehensive bioinformatic data that will be able to answer already questions like: how many clusters were obtained or what is the homology of each read compared to the representative read. This data will help you for example to analyse metagenomes in your environmental samples like soil, water or gut.

Additionally we as a service provider for oligonucleotide synthesis, gene synthesis, custom DNA sequencing and NGS are able to offer you primers for free for your amplicon sequencing approach if you order our Spring Special.

Contact us if you are interested in a spring special quote or read more on our website. This offer is valid until 30.06.2012.