Focus on FLX+ ?

In the last weeks we were continuously following the hostile bid from Roche for Illumina. Now, after the shareholder meeting, Roche didn’t extend the offer and let Illumina from the hook – for the moment?
However, this could also be good news. From my point of view there is a wide range of applications that work best with the FLX technology. In order to be competitive with all other NGS technologies Roche needs to invest more in FLX+. After launching the upgrade last year they faced continuously problems with the performance of the technique as highlighted for example in an article in InSequence last week.

I think, because the NGS future of Roche is again more focussed on FLX+, they will work even harder to get the long reads up an running on every GS FLX site – maybe a FLX+ upgrade for the GS Junior might be possible soon.

Of course it also might be that they are looking for an alternative for Illumina as highlighted by Julia Karow and Monica Heger. However, all possiblities discussed in this article – a cooperation with Life (Ion Torrent), an acquisition of Oxford Nanopore technologies or the development of a brand new technique might not be as scary for the FLX technology as Illumina because all technologies are “very early in the commercialization”.

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