A Never Ending Story?

Every now and then I think about writing again about the proposal from Roche to Illumina; but everytime I have the feeling that something fundamental could happen tomorrow. And to be honest – I never expected that this hostile takeover would take so long. It is anyhow fascinating that such huge acquisition plans are discussed in public.

Anyhow the latest news I can share is that Illumina compares itself with the giant “Apple” now. Quite funny is the comment of David Benoit from the WSJ Blogs about that:  “That’s some high talk for a company with a market capitalization of about $6.3 billion, roughly 1/100th the size of Apple.”

But nevertheless I have to endorse the statement of Illumina, since Apple also started as a really small company and due to the enthusiasm of its founders it grew to this giant company. Imagine Microsoft would have bought Apple in their early days? We might still use a normal mobile phone to connect with each other. No iPod, no iPad? So it seems totally clear to me that also the founders of Illumina should fight for their company and the freedom to be self-sustaining.

What do you think – how long will it take until Roche takes over Illumina, or is Illumina strong enough to defense itself?

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  1. It is ridiculous to compare Illumina with Apple. Sometimes I think it’s just a PR gag.