NGS Favourites – Launch

Dear Blog readers,
today I am really delighted to announce the launch of the NGS Favourites.

NGS Favourites are the straightforward solution for your Next Generation Sequencing project. They are based on the wealth of knowledge that we have accumulated from over 5 years of servicing the NGS community and represent optimised packages for common NGS applications.

The NGS Favourites stand out due to:

  • Project-oriented solutions
  • Economic costs
  • Easy ordering

The NGS Favourites are available for different fields of applications:

  • Genome Sequencing Favourites – using shotgun (SG) libraries only or a combination of SG and LPE libraries
  • Transcriptome Sequencing Favourites – receive comprehensive data you can really build on
  • Exome Sequencing Favourites – sequence 6 human Exomes with the Illumina TruSeq Kit
  • Library Service Favourites – get your libraries for GS FLX sequencing prepared from us

Find your suitable Favourite and explore the easy way of sequencing with us as your professional project partner.

Stephanie Engel

About Stephanie Engel

Stephie's motto: NGS rules. She is thrilled by molecular diagnostics.

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