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Euro Crisis – How Much of NGS Sequencing Could We Do For It?

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Actually IWF and European country leaders discuss a raise of the European secure funds to about 1.5 Trillion Euro (German = 1,5 Billiarden Euro). This is such a high number that I could not even imagine it…

This number also gave raise to the question: “How much of NGS sequencing or Whole Human Genome Sequencing (WGS) could be done with it?”


Step 1:  How many people are needed to pay 1.5 Trillion Euro of income tax?

With an average of 10,000 Euro of income tax per year 4,500,000 people would need to pay for 35 years (life time of work) to account for 1.575 Trillion Euro (1,575,000,000,000 Euro). Or more than 150 million people (150,000,000) are needed to work and pay tax money for one year – of course without any interest.

The 27 European Union countries (EU27) currently have a population of about 501 million people including babies, pensioners and all other non-tax payers (year 2011). Such about 30% of all people in EU27 need to work for one year to earn this sum of funding – of course without spending money for anything else…


Step 2: How many Human genomes would I get for this sum?

At a reasonable cost of 15,000 Euro per genome this equals 100 million (100.000.000) sequenced genomes  – that is about 1/5 of all EU27 people. At a discounted offer of 5,000 Euro per genome this equals 300 million (300,000,000) sequenced genomes – that is 2/3 of all EU 27 people. At a best price offer of about 4,000 $ (= 3,000 Euro) the money would allow to sequence about 500 million (500,000,000) genomes which is the complete population of EU 27.

Whow – this gives me the feeling we are in fact talking about a lot of money,

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