NGS Sets no Limits on Your Creativity

ALEXA-Seq, Apopto-Seq, AutoMeDip-Seq… its all about NGS.

It seems, that the scientific community is more and more using NGS technologies. Interestingly NGS techniques are not only utilized for the (de novo) analysis of complete genomes and transcriptomes. Recently I found a nice summary of currently published NGS acronyms at James Blog. The author states that the majority of NGS related publications are still dealing with Chip-Seg and (m)RNA-Seq. However, due to the creativity of scientists the list is not limited to those two and contains more than 40 acronyms at the moment. This illustrates that NGS can be used for a wide variety of different approaches just limited by your creativity.

What can NGS do for you and your research?

Dear James, please keep your list up-to-date…


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  1. Carola Grimminger

    Thanks for that great list! CoreGenomics seems to be an interesting blog.