How Far Shall we go With Genetic Testing?

Map myGeneRecently I saw this sign on a house in the China Town of Singapore, advertising for “Genetic Testings for Health and Innate Talents”. Having a look on their homepage > I could find that they have two main objectives:

  1. Discovery of genetic variations that contribute to disease risk. (Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test or Genetic Predisposition Test)
  2. Discovery of genetic variations that contribute to intelligence, personality characteristics, superior athletic performance, vocal ability, dancing ability, and other areas where humans can excel. (Innate Talents & Traits Genetic Test)

Obviously a lab in the US is testing some SNPs on Affymetrix Arrays > for them. It is not clear what they are testing, especially in terms of “Innate talents”. They have some testimonials > that do not really say much. With or without knowing a genetic disposition it makes sense to take care on ones diet and exercise the body. If an inherited disease is known in the family, it is wise to be careful and observe the body. Many genetic markers are only linked to a disease at a low percentage of penetration, but there is no guarantee that the carrier develops the disease later. Often this is a severe psychological burdon and requires genetic and psychological consulting.

Even more suspicious is the testing for “Innate Talents”. What is really known about it and how far shall we go?

Georg Gradl (Germany)

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  1. Carola Grimminger

    I love your picture. It has a taste of science fiction.

    • Why the assumed dominance of illumina?. SOLID has similar throughput at a lower price from the data i have seen. Can you you put some figures on this. ?