Roche Versus Illumina: Where is it Going?

Six and five years after the commercial launch of their first next generation sequencers, the companies Roche and Illumina are still at the forefront of the next generation sequencing market. By today, Roche technology has enabled 1209 peer-reviewed publications while Illumina technology has even enabled 1631 publications (from both companies’ websites).

The current sequencer of both companies are the Roche GS FLX with an average read length of 350-450 bp and 400 Mbp data output per run and the Illumina HiSeq 2000 with read length of up to 100 bp and up to 320 Gbp data output per run.

Both companies’ focus on technological improvements is mainly on enhancing read number and read length. Illumina has recently launched the 150 bp read length (for GAIIx only) and has further announced doubling of yield for Q2 in 2011. Roche is planning to launch the extended average read length of 750 bp sometimes before the end of June according to GenomeWeb News on April 19th, 2011.
In my point of view third generation sequencing will not replace these technologies but enable additional applications as well as combining third generation and second generation technologies for specific project layouts.

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